The Nancy F. Walker Scholarships for

Classical Vocal and

Instrumental Students

2024 Nancy F. Walker Scholarship Competition


$53, 500 in Prizes Awarded

Scholarship Winners who performed at Greenacres Recital and Luncheon on April 10, 2024
Matinée Musicale Recital and Luncheon
Wednesday, April 10, 2024
Greenacres Arts Center

Scholarship Winners who performed, left to right:

Natalie Marshall, Erica Nam,

Vera Lu, Natalie Corrigan,

Keliang Yao, Léa Nayak, Abigail Leidy, Ella Clark


1st: $4,000

2nd: $2,000

3rd: $1,000

$500 Encouragement Awards


1st: 10,000

2nd: $5,000

3rd: $3,000

$500 Encouragement Awards

High School Instrumental 

1st - Erica Nam - violin; Kurt Sassmannshaus, teacher

2nd - Keliang Yao - piano; Logan Skelton, teacher

3rd - Anthony Dorsey - violin; Kurt Sassmannshaus, teacher

Encouragement Award - Kaede Suzuki, piano; Jackson Leung, teacher

Encouragement Award - Vivian Chang, violin; Hong Cheng, teacher

College Instrumental  

1st - Abigail Leidy - cello; Alan Rafferty, teacher

2nd – Vera Tianyi Lu - piano; Polina Bespalko, teacher

3rd – Chang Lu - piano; Sara Daneshpour, teacher

Encouragement Award - Ava Shedd, violin; Won-Bin Yim, teacher

Encouragement Award - Madeline Arney, harp; Gillian Sella, teacher


High School Vocal

1st - Ella Clark – mezzo-soprano; Talia Zoll, teacher 

2nd - Natalie Marshall - soprano; Catherine Keen, teacher 

3rd - Evan Stuart - baritone; Catherine Keen, teacher

Encouragement Award - Makenna Peterson, soprano; Kim Buczek, teacher

Encouragement Award - Catherine Mazzella - soprano; Melanie Woodruff, teacher

College Vocal

1st – Léa Nayak - soprano; Gwen Coleman, teacher

2nd - Natalie Corrigan – mezzo-soprano; Amy Johnson, teacher

3rd – Eric Riedel - tenor; Alison Acord, teacher

Encouragement Award - Lauren Albano - soprano; Stuart Skelton, teacher

Questions? Please contact Nancy Bailey at or by phone at (859)781-0801.

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Nancy Walker

Nancy Fuldner Walker, memorialized by these scholarships, was a musician, music teacher and strong advocate for all music and arts organizations. She provided able leadership to Matinée Musicale for more than four decades before her death in October 2017. Matinée Musicale Cincinnati honors her legacy of support and encouragement of young musicians through these scholarships.


Students who reside or attend school in Butler, Clermont, Hamilton, and Warren counties in Ohio; Boone, Campbell, and Kenton counties in Kentucky; and Dearborn County in Indiana are eligible to receive scholarships.


Please contact Nancy Bailey at or by phone at 859-781-0801.

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