Nancy F. Walker was a musician, music teacher, and strong advocate for music and the arts, serving on the boards of Cincinnati’s largest performing arts organizations. In 1989, she received a Post-Corbett Award for her volunteerism.

Mrs. Walker was born into a musical family in Cincinnati in 1930. Her parents met while students at the Conservatory of Music, and both sang in the May Festival Chorus. Her father had his own program for Powel Crosley’s WLW radio. Mrs. Walker started piano lessons at age 5, and learned the oboe at Withrow High School. She is an alumna of the University of Cincinnati, where she majored in history and music. She was a piano teacher for much of her life.

Matinée Musicale honors her legacy of support and encouragement of young musicians through the Nancy F. Walker Memorial Scholarships.

Claire Huangci and Nancy Walker at Matinée Musicale Cincinnati

Pianist Claire Huangci with Nancy Walker

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