We look forward to seeing you at our next recital! Most performances take place at Memorial Hall, located in the heart of the revitalized arts district of Over-the-Rhine (OTR). Memorial Hall sits adjacent to Music Hall, directly across the street from recently renovated Washington Park, and just blocks away from OTR’s entertainment and restaurant district.


Memorial Hall is located in historic Over-the-Rhine (OTR) just north of downtown Cincinnati. It is situated just south of Music Hall and across from Washington Park. It is easily accessible from I-75 and I-71.

Memorial Hall

1225 Elm St

Cincinnati, OH 45202

Memorial Hall Cincinnati Map - Matinee Musicale Performances


There are over 2,500 parking spots within four blocks of Memorial Hall, including both on-street and garage options. The closest garage is the 450-space, two-level, underground Washington Park Garage beneath Washington Park. It is open and staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Automobile entrances/exits can be found on Race Street at 13th St and on Elm St across from Music Hall.


Over-the-Rhine (OTR) has a vibrant community of restaurants, night life, art galleries, and shops. Whether you want to catch a pre or post performance meal or beverage, OTR has great options for you. OTR restaurants have been featured on many awards lists and in magazines. Check out the great events, restaurants, bars + pubs, art galleries, and shops in OTR.


Due to Covid restrictions, we are not yet able to provide refreshments after the recital. Several of our artists have held Q & A sessions afterwards from the stage. Drinks may be purchased from the Memorial Hall bar. Covid restrictions may apply.


Memorial Hall is fully accessible via the patron elevator through the glass doors on the north side of the building (the right side of the building as you face the front entrance), which may be entered on the street level. In addition, the theater is equipped with a number of wheelchair/scooter-accessible seating locations. For additional information on accessible seating, please contact the Box Office at (513) 977-8838. Any alternate venues will also be fully accessible.


Where are the performances held?

Most recitals are held at historic Memorial Hall, 1225 Elm Street, just south of Music Hall. We sometimes use other venues, such as Anderson Center or a local church.

How much do tickets and subscriptions cost?

Ticket prices are listed on the ticket info page.

How do I buy tickets?

Tickets may be purchased by calling the Memorial Hall Box Office (513-977-8838) Tuesday –Friday, 1-6 PM, online ($3 handling fee per ticket), on the Tickets page, or in person beginning 1 hour before the performance.

Where do I park?

The closest parking for Memorial Hall is in the underground Washington Park Garage, the surface lot between Memorial Hall and Music Hall, and the Town Center (CET) Garage on Central Parkway behind Music Hall. There are many other lots and garages within walking distance to Memorial Hall. To learn about subscriber parking benefits, view the Subscriber section of the Ticket info page.

When should I arrive?

Seating generally begins 30-45 minutes prior to the concert. If you arrive late, you will need to wait for a break in the program to be seated.

How long does a recital last?

The average program lasts between 1 ½ and 2 hours, including intermission, and is followed by a reception.

What should I wear?

There is no dress code. Be comfortable, but tasteful.

When should I clap?

It’s customary to clap at the end of the piece. When the work consists of several sections, called movements, it can be confusing. If you’re unsure, just wait and watch. Although clapping between movements has become more common, it does interrupt the mood and flow of the music.

May I meet the artists?

In the past, every recital was followed by an informal reception where the artists could meet with attendees for conversation, selfies, and refreshments.  However, with current Covid restrictions, this may not always be possible.

May I take pictures or video during the performance?

No, but you may take pictures with friends before or after the concert.

What ages are the concerts suitable for?

Children are permitted as long as they can sit quietly through an entire performance.

Are drinks and food permitted?

Food is not permitted in the concert hall. Purchased drinks are permitted, and a cash bar is available before the concert and at intermission.

May I text or use my phone during the performance?

No, use of cell phones is not permitted during the performance.  Phones should be turned off or put in silent mode.

Additional questions? Please contact us.

Subscriptions will be available soon!

See our TICKET INFO PAGE for more information!

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